Dr. K. Ferguson – Preparing for your Visit


1.   Please make your next appointment prior to leaving the office.  This will prevent delays in follow-up.

2.   At each appointment I generally will have investigations to review or updates to discuss about your health.  Please ensure we address the reason for your visit as well.  If there are several issues, I may ask you to make a follow-up appointment so that we address each concern appropriately.

3.   Please bring your medications or a list of medications you are taking to each visit.  If you are not taking your medications as prescribed, please do not hesitate to discuss this with me.  We often have alternatives or different options to achieve our health objectives.

If you are taking several medications that renew at different times then please count out the remainder left of each medication and bring the list to the office so that I may co-ordinate your renewals.

4.   Please share your health goals with me and let me know how I can best help you.  I also encourage you to become educated about any health issues that you have and their treatment.



Our Physicians are now salaried.  If you visit ANY other physician (excluding Specialists) I am responsible for covering the cost of your visit.  For that reason I would appreciate that you contact the office first before seeing another physician such as in a Walk In or Urgent Care Clinic.  If I am not available then please attend our own Urgent Care Clinic in Port Perry and see one of my colleagues.  This enhances the continuity of your care and your visit will be properly registered in your file.  This way I can direct your future care more appropriately.

Urgent Care Hours             Mon – Fri:   5:00 – 8:00 pm          Sat & Sun    9am to 12pm

If you plan to use Walk-in or Urgent Care clinics frequently please let us know and it may be beneficial to remain a patient but not be rostered in the Family Health Organization.


Patients are asked to cancel appointments 24hrs in advance.  Failure to do so may result in a charge based on the length of the appointment missed.  First time offences are usually forgiven (except Physicals) but if appointments are missed repeatedly, it may result in dismissal from the practice.


We try to keep open several appointments each day that I am working in the office for same day appointments. If you have a concern please contact the office prior to going to a Walk In or Urgent Care Clinic.

There is also a Telephone Advisory Service that is available from 5pm to 9am for patients to contact with health questions when unable to see their doctor.  The telephone number is 1-866-828-9223