Healthy Eating

All diets fail …..so instead of dieting just change the way you eat permanently

Only eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full – listen to your body – but ensure to eat enough calories – average of 2000 per day

Reduce added sugar in your diet – including table sugar, smoothies, marinades, condiments, sauces, etc – make your own salad dressings with olive oil/lemon/vinegar/spices

Avoid pop, fruit juice, sugared teas, sugar free anything and instead drink coffee, tea, water, sparkling water, bone broth

Avoid alcohol for the first few weeks and then consume with a meal

Avoid ALL processed foods and anything low fat

Make breakfast optional – but if you eat it avoid cereals/muffins/bagels etc and instead use eggs, meat, traditional or greek yogurt, berries and/or  a non grain cereal like pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds/flaxseeds/sliced almonds/berries with milk

Avoid refined grains like pastas/breads as a regular part of your diet

Get your carbohydrates in a natural, unprocessed forms like vegetables, quinoa, chia, beans – watch legumes for the first few weeks

Moderate your protein consumption

Increase natural fats in your diet like olive oil, butter, coconut oil, nuts, avocado

Increase fiber in your diet like veggies, fruit, berries, whole grains, seeds, natural oatmeal

Increase vinegar in your diet

Do NOT snack and if you do snack on nuts/seeds

If you are going to have dessert make it fresh fruit, nuts, dark chocolate

Remember to get regular exercise with a target of 150 min per week




Eat Daily               Snacks                        Avoid/Reduce           Eliminate     

Vegies                      Nuts                               Potatoes                        Soda


Any meat               walnuts                           Bread                      Fruit juice

(not deli)               hazelnuts                        Pasta                        Dried fruit

Organs (liver)     Uncured ham                   Rice                         Candy

Fish                         Pickles                             Beans                        Pastry

Egg                       Smoked salmon                Beets                        Cookies

Some fruit             Peppers                            Corn                          Chips


Low GI fruit:  apples, avocados, berries, cherries, grapefruit, kiwi, nectarine, orange, peach, pear, plums, tangerine

I really recommend that you read the Obesity Code and Intuitive Eating Books for a guideline because it will help you understand where you may be going wrong with how you eat

 BID = twice per day
QID = four times per day
General Supplement Rules
Consider Omega 3 if there is little fish in the diet 1200mg/d (700mg EPA + 500mg DHA)
Consider Multivitamin that is broad spectrum and should have minimum of 25mg of Vit B6
Consider Vitamin D lifelong in the Canada – should be taken with food with some fat for better absorption – safe up to 4000mg/d for those >age 9
Try to balance Ca and Mg intake
Use Mg glycinate and titrate up to bowel tolerance starting at 50mg/d
Ensure a VegeCentric diet as it increases phytochemicals
Have vegetable with some fat as it increases absorption of phytochemicals in vegetables
Target protein for 0.8 – 1 g/kg/d but as people >age 65 target 1.2-1.5 g/kg/d and have protein in each meal
Increased Vitamin B with supplement including B12, folic acid and choline
Vitamin D of 1,000 – 4,000 per day
Vitamin C 500mg BID
Magnesium supplement (Mg glycinate QID)
Supplement of Omega 3 fatty acids
Egg intake of 1/d with the yolk
Increased vegetable and berry intake
Decreased high starch and sugar in diet
Consider Citicholine 500mg BID if having dementia or word finding difficulties
Consider supplementation of Vitamin D and Magnesium
Increase Vitamin C for those in chemo or radiation 1-2g po BID
Increase the fibre in diet
Increase liquid intake
Add Mg glycinate diet – start at 50mg and titrate to regular BM
Consider Vit C supplementation as well for children
Those on PPI – supplement Vit B12 and Mg regardless of levels
Avoid chronic PPI use
Use Mg glycinate supplement and try to balance your Calcium and Mg intake
Consider Probiotics
Low Riboflavin (Vit B2) increases risk of reflux
Consider Gaviscon
If you need to add fibre consider guar gum or benefibre instead of wheat bran
Consider probiotic added to diet BID
IBS  (irritable bowel syndrome)
Consider Probiotics and try to use one that has different types some people react better to different probiotics so may need to try different strains
Take 1 capsule BID for 3 months then reduce to 1/d
For full GI protection use the pm dose as a mouthrinse (empty capsule in a little water) and swish and swallow after brushing teeth
Get increased fibre from vegetables
Mg glycinate supplement
Avoid wheat fibre
Prebiotics come from increased phytochemicals from vegetables (esp green tea/garlic/broccoli/red wine)
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Consider addition of Vitamin B6 but no more than 200mg per day
Add Magnesium supplement as needed for vitamin B metabolism
Restless Legs
Provide Magnesium supplement
Ensure calcium intake of 1,000mg / d in diet and/or supplement
Give both supplement twice per day
No light infiltration during sleep
If you need to get up for urination/kids – use a RED nite lite
If unable to have complete darkness – consider a mask
Consider light starch snack before sleep
Use 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) at night starting low and titrating up (100-300mg) keep 50mg extra at bedside if waking in night
If waking consistently at 3-4am consider checking thyroid
Consider Melatonin 5mg, Mg 225mg, Zinc 12mg (with copper) as a supplement mix to help with sleep
Have protein in your breakfast choices
URTI (upper respiratory tract infections)
Consider decreasing dairy intake
Eat 3 balanced meals with 2 snacks each day
Regular moderate exercise of 30min/d for 5 days each week
Ensure eating at least 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
If not getting fish/seafood in diet, consider Omega 3 supplement
Vitamin D supplement 2,000iu / d
Vit C 500mg BID
When first signs of symptoms start then use Zinc lozenges every 2h until they start to taste bad (that is your limit for each day – maximum 10) and continue for 2-3d
Vegetarian Diet
Ensure you check Ca, Alb, Iron, Vit B12, BS, Lipids, Liver Enzymes, Zinc
Weight Loss
Add whey protein BID in shakes for those who need to gain weight
Ground flax seed
Green Tea