Obstetrical Care

It is surely an exciting time for you as well as for us. The group of physicians who deliver at Lakeridge Health Port Perry are dedicated and passionate about what we do. We absolutely LOVE our job and strive to make your experience a positive one. Scroll down to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Following is provided a summary of our group and site as well as office booking procedures for your information.

Front Row (L-R): Dr. Dyall, Dr. Gauster, Dr. Armstrong; Back Row (L-R): Dr. Kazarian, Dr. Lajeunesse, Dr. Ferguson

The delivering physicians of Medical Associates of Port Perry are all family physicians who have a special interest in obstetrics. Port Perry Hospital is a Level 1 Obstetrical Centre which means that we accept and care only for lower risk patients who are appropriate for delivery at our site. This simply means that we wish to ensure that you and your baby have all the resources available to you should you need them. Fortunately, for most healthy people, pregnancy is generally straightforward without complications. That said, should a medical issue arise we may well advise referral to a centre providing a higher level care to optimize your and your baby’s health (ie. in the case of need for an obstetrician, pediatrician, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, etc.). Our paramount goal always is a healthy mother and baby ! In the event of an unanticipated issue for you or your baby in labour and delivery, we do have the means to stabilize and transfer as required.

In addition to six delivering family physicians, Lakeridge Health Port Perry also has three general surgeons who can perform CSections and anesthetists who can provide epidural when required.

Appointment Information

You are generally seen monthly in the beginning, every two weeks starting at 26-28 weeks, and then weekly at 36 weeks.

Pregnant women require regular antenatal visits throughout pregnancy.

For low-risk women:

  •  First prenatal visit (by 10 weeks)
  •  16 weeks
  •  20 weeks
  •  26 weeks
  •  30 weeks
  •  34 weeks
  •  36 weeks
  •  38 weeks
  •  39 weeks
  •  40 weeks

More frequent appointments may be required as per clinical situation.

At each obstetrical appointment, we ask that you register with the receptionist and then directly proceed to weigh yourself. Our staff can show you how to do this.


  1. You are being seen for obstetrical care only. If you are referred from your family physician, you are still to see your family physician for non obstetrical medical concerns. You will also return to your family doctors after delivery for post partum and baby care **
  2. There may be charges for no show appointments or less than 24hrs notice for cancellation.

Routine investigations include initial blood work, optional prenatal genetic screening (to be started by 12wks), a physical, an ultrasound at 20-22 weeks, a diabetes test at 26-28 weeks, and a vaginal/rectal swab for Group B Streptococcus at 36 weeks. Each of these will be discussed with you at the appropriate times. Further testing including more ultrasounds may be indicated but are not routine; your physician will advise you accordingly.

Virtual Tour of the New Life Centre at Port Perry Hospital  – April 2020

Pregnancy info by SOGC (https://www.pregnancyinfo.ca) – a website that reviews news, concerns and relevant information before, during and after pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering Physician

We are unique in Port Perry in that we are one of the few centres remaining with a blended call model.  You  will have your own doctor if available, otherwse, we have an on call system for a back up physician.

The Hospital

The New Life Centre at Lakeridge Health Port Perry follows a family centred model of care. It is unique in that everyone has a private room where you can be assessed, labour, deliver and stay post partum with your baby all in the same room. Your partner is welcome to stay with you. Our nursing staff is exceptional and an advantage of a smaller centre is that your experience tends to be much more personable. We traditionally have had high breast feeding rates for the same reason

Affiliation with the University of Toronto and Queens University Family Practice Training Programs

Many physicians supervise final year residents and medical students in rural family medicine training programs. You should expect possible trainee involvement in your prenatal care and/or labour and delivery. Learners are our future and critical to retention and recruitment for our community.

Options for Pain Control

There are many options for pain control in addition to support from personal supports and nursing staff. Birthing ball, peanut ball, and rocking chair can help positioning and each room has a private shower with stool.
Medication options include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), opioids (morphine or Nubain in early labour, Fentanyl in later labour), epidural or PCA Fentanyl if appropriate.

Number of People in the Delivery Room

NOTE: Due to COVID, Lakeirdge Health is limiting attendance to 2 people.

There are no absolute rules about the number of people who can attend your labour/delivery. In general, we would recommend one good support person whether this be your partner, family member or spouse. You may choose to have a second support person also available. If the situation demands it (ie. we are concerned about you or your baby and need your attention), we may choose to ask extra family members to leave. Your primary support person will be permitted to remain with you. With respect to C-Section delivery, just one person is allowed in the operating room with you. In the rare instance of a medical emergency, even your partner may be asked to leave.

Lamaze Classes/Breast Feeding Information

Lamaze classes are highly recommended. Studies show that women who have attended Lamaze classes tend to report lower pain scores in labour and also tend to have better labours. It makes sense that understanding what is happening to you results in less anxiety and better coping skills when the time comes. It is also a great opportunity for your partner to feel part of the experience. If your partner cannot attend, a family member or close friend can substitute. Having a good support person in labour is essential.

i. Public Health – 6 FREE online prenatal classes (www.durham.ca/en/health-and-wellness/online-prenatal-program.aspx)
ii. Lakeridge Health Port Perry Lamaze – www.2maternityandbeyond.com
iii. Lakeridge Health Oshawa/Ajax-Pickering classes – (https://www.welovebabies.ca/classes-tours)
v. Oshawa “Birthing Classes for Expecting Mothers and their Partners”
Lakeridge Health Oshawa, 905-576-8711 ext. 4116 or 3495
vi. LaLeche League: http://www.lllc.ca or http://www.llli.org

Patient Referrals

Our Obstetrical Care team accepts transfer of care at 28 weeks unless a prior C/S delivery when we will see patient by 20-24 weeks to ensure adequate time for VTOLAC counselling.

*Patient BMI must be within acceptable range (pre-pregnancy BMI less than 40 or less that 45 at any point in pregnancy). If the patients BMI is within acceptable range (pre-pregnancy BMI less than 40 or less that 45 at any point in pregnancy), our doctors can see for OB care.

Anything outside of these parameters should be referred to a Level 2 center. (eg. Lakeridge Oshawa, Markham Stouffville)

You can also advise our office if you or your patient requests earlier transfer for any reason and we will do our best to accommodate.


Referrals can be made by the family physician using Ocean eReferral or by faxing the office.

Dr. Ankelly Armstrong  – ph. 905-985-2895 ext. 5416  fax. 844-840-2469
Dr. Pamela Dyall – ph. 905-985-2895 ext. 5420   fax. 844-726-7591
Dr. Kim Ferguson – ph. 905-985-2895 ext. 5424   fax. 844-847-8841
Dr. Andrea Gauster – ph. 905-985-2895 ext. 5424  fax. 844-847-8842
Dr. Nancy Kazarian – ph. 905-985-2895 ext. 5416   fax. 844-874-3531
Dr. Claudia Lajeunesse – ph. 905-985-2895 ext. 5424    fax. 844-201-0368