Medical Associates is committed to teaching future health care providers including Physicians, Physician Assistants, RPNs and Pharmacists

Medical Associates of Port Perry has been teaching medical students and residents since 1972.

To date, the teaching staff include family physicians (general and special interest). Our physicians also include several emergency medicine, several GP anesthetists, multiple FRCP general surgeons, and one FRCP cardiologist. Other resources include family medicine inpatient and nursing home care as well as the North Durham Family Health Team and associated programs/health care providers.

Several teaching physicians have been nominated for and have received teaching awards ( Dr. Merrilee Brown, Dr. Nancy Kazarian, Dr. Trevor Stryde) including the OCFP Community Preceptor of the Year, the Hollister King Rural Teaching Award, the ROMP Postgraduate Preceptor of the Year and the PAIRO Teaching Award.

Medical Associates participates in teaching with the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine, Teaching Practices and Integrated Communities Stream (previously Rural Residency Program), Queens University Rural Residency program and for various universities through the Rural Ontario Medical Program (including Rural Week). We teach upwards of 20+ medical students and residents per year. Many of our physicians now practicing in Port Perry trained here as residents. Over the years, we estimate that we have trained over 500 future physicians. We have also participated in the training of physician assistant, nurse practitioner students and pharmacy interns.

The experience in Port Perry has been highly rated for the quality of its preceptors and the breadth of skills and experiences provided. Experiences in women’s health, prenatal care, intrapartum obstetrics, surgical assist and GP anesthesia, hospital inpatient care by family physicians, home and hospice based palliative care consultation, nursing home, aboriginal clinic, urgent care, coroner cases, MAID, MSK shoulder clinic, travel advice, cosmetic procedures and general clinical procedures are available. Practice Management experience is available with our office manager, a certified management accountant. A local pharmacist provides experiences in pharmacy care.

The University of Toronto, in its integrated Communities Stream (previously Rural Residency Program) offers Port Perry as one of its sites for final year training. All training is done in Port Perry and the non-hospital satellite community of Sunderland (pop. 1500).

We provide a collegial group of family physicians who provide broad-based comprehensive family medicine in a Family Health Organization (FHO) with electronic medical records (PS Suite – Practice Solutions). We are also partnered with the North Durham Family Health Team.

This provides for excellent experiences in rural general surgery and anesthesia, emergency work by family physicians, intrapartum low risk obstetrics by family physicians, care of the elderly/Nursing Home, home and hospice based palliative care and hospital inpatient work by family physicians. We strive to provide excellent educational opportunities for motivated self-directed learners.

A variety of accommodations are available in the community within walking distance. Please contact Lakeridge Health Port Perry at (905)-985-7321 regarding accommodations.

If you have further questions regarding educational experiences, please complete our recruitment form and we will get back to you soon!

Medical Associates of Port Perry is pleased to partner with the Rural Ontario Medical Program and the University of Toronto and Queen’s University as a site to train family physicians.