Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic is located at the Sunderland Medical Centre
26 Church Street, Sunderland, ON  L0C1H0

See our Travel Clinic FAQs

We require at least 24 hours notice for an appointment cancellation, otherwise, the full appointment fee will be charged.

We suggest visiting one of these websites to learn more about the health issues at your destination:

Please review this information and then complete and return the accompanying form. Upon receipt of your completed form, we will contact you to book an appointment.  If you have not received a response to your appointment request within 3 business days, please call the office at 705-357-2336 to inquire.

You or your doctor can FAX the form to 705-357-3926 or, email it to

Travel Clinic FAQs

Below is a list of Travel Clinic Frequently asked Questions

What are the benefits of attending travel clinic?

At this travel clinic, you will learn how to prepare for your trip and how to minimize your risk of illness when you are away. You will receive advice specific to you, taking into consideration your itinerary and medical conditions. Also, you will be advised as to which medications and vaccinations are recommended. We suggest you visit the travel clinic 5-8 weeks prior to departure, although you may come closer to the date of departure, if necessary.

Where is the clinic?

The clinic located at 26 Church Street in Sunderland.  The office can be reached by calling 705-357-2336.

Why is there a fee for the visit?

Travel advice is not covered by OHIP. Your fee reimburses the physician and nurse for their time preparing for your visit, and the time spent with you giving education and advice, as well as any injections needed. The cost of travel vaccines themselves (non-routine, non-public health funded vaccines) is not covered. To ensure you receive sound medical advice, the clinic does not receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Despite major advances in drug development in recent decades, essential medicines to treat many diseases that affect the world’s poor are either too expensive, no longer produced, highly toxic, or ineffective. Recognizing these issues from its field experience, Médecins Sans Frontières committed its 1999 Nobel Peace Prize funds to develop an alternative model for the research and development of new drugs for neglected diseases:  Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (  A portion of your visit fee will be donated to this initiative.

What should I do to prepare for the appointment?

Detailed knowledge of your health issues as well as your complete itinerary is necessary to get the most from your visit. Ensure the form is fully completed and returned before your visit. Bringing or faxing additional information, such as your vaccination record or itinerary is encouraged. Visit one of the above websites for more information.

I am very busy and cannot complete the form, what should I do?

To ensure a thorough assessment, your completed form is required before we can book your appointment.