Questions about surgical procedures are answered here.

Surgical FAQs

What will my Pre-Admission visit include?

The pre-admission clinic is designed to prepare you for your surgery in advance of your Admission to the hospital. The visit may make your hospital stay shorter by allowing you to be admitted on the day of your surgery. You should expect to be in the clinic for up to one hour. Please report to the Admitting area upon arrival with your pre-operative package. If you do not attend, your surgery will be cancelled. The tests requested by your doctor must be completed before your admission to the hospital. Doing these procedures early can identify possible problems and make your stay more comfortable.

Your Visit to the the Pre-Admission Clinic will include:

  • Hospital Registration
  • Blood/Urine specimen collection (if required)
  • A nursing assessment which will include how to prepare for your surgery
What to bring to the pre-admission clinic:

Any medications you are taking (in the original bottles)

  • Your Provincial Health Card
  • Any other documents your doctor may have given you

You will be contacted by the Surgeon’s office with your preoperative assessment interview time with the Nurse at Lakeridge Health and your arrival time for the day of the surgery.

Vasectomy pre-op/post-op instructions

Patient Pre-op instructions:

Prior to the operation you should shave your scrotum completely and have a bath or shower.
Please have a normal breakfast on the day of your procedure.
You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home.

The doctor may recommend the following after the surgery:

Put an ice bag on the scrotum for 2 hours after the procedure
Rest at home for 2 or 3 days
Wear a jock strap or briefs to support the scrotum (testicles) for 1 week
Take a pain reliever, as prescribed, for any pain following the operation
Go back to work as soon as you are able, usually within a few days

You may have sex again as soon as you feel able, usually about a week after the procedure. For six months use other birth control methods during intercourse, until your semen test is sperm-free. In 10 weeks you can produce a semen sample for the laboratory.

When should I call the doctor? (905-985-2895 x5412)?

Call the doctor immediately if:

  • A fever develops
  • You have excessive redness, swelling, pain or discharge
  • It is difficult to urinate
  • There is excessive swelling in the testes

Call the doctor during office hours if:

  • You have questions about the procedure or its result
  • You want to make another appointment

Special Instructions:

  1. A daily shower or bath will help to keep the area clean and the wounds do not need to be dressed.
  2. The sutures in the wounds will dissolve on their own over the next couple of weeks.