Dr. Nadine MacDonald

Dr. Nadine MacDonald joined the Medical Associates of Port Perry team in Sept 2019. Her office can be reached at 905-985-2895 ext. 5424


Dr. MacDonald would like to introduce the use of a Physician Assistant (PA) in her practice. PAs graduate from a Baccalaureate or Master’s Degree program that may be affiliated with a medical school. PAs practice medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician within a patient-centred health care team. PAs work to extend physician services, complement existing services and aid in improving patient access to health care. We are pleased to introduce Belen Ong, PA, to our practice. All visits with Belen will be reviewed directly with Dr. MacDonald. We encourage you to book with her as needed for your next health care need. Online booking is available below.


Online Booking

Online booking for Dr. Nadine MacDonald is currently booking both in-person and telephone visits online at this time based on the type of appointment you require.

Use this link to book an appointment for things such as: 

  • Regular Appointment/New Issue
  • Follow-up/Chronic Issue
  • Infant Checkup (under age 2)
  • Diabetes Checkup
  • Form or Sick note
  • Medication Renewal
  • Pregnancy Checkup (under 28 weeks)

Use this link to book an appointment for things such as: 

  • Adult Checkup (including Physicals and Wellness Checks) – Ages 18+
  • Child and Adolescent Checkups (Ages 2-18)
  • Drivers Medical Exam (and Form if applicable)

Please Note:

  • Online appointments may not reflect all appointments available.
    If you are unclear of how/when to book or need more appointment flexibility, please contact the office directly @ 905-985-2895
  • Online appointments are only available with your own family physician. However, if your doctor is unavailable, our Urgent Care Same-Day clinic is the preferred back up.
  • This link is for non urgent appointments. Please call reception if you have an urgent request @ 905-985-2895
  • A fee may apply for missed or cancelled appointments without 24 business hours notice.
  • Please call our 24 hour cancellation line at 905-985-2895 extension 6224 to cancel your appointment.

If you feel your symptoms are a medical emergency that need to be dealt with right away then proceed to the emergency room. Examples might include; new chest pain, difficulty breathing, or broken limb.