Dr. Ankelly Armstrong


Dr. Ankelly Armstrong joined us in September 2008.  She is originally from the sunny twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and immigrated to Canada in 2000.  Ankelly went on to do undergraduate studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Trent University.  She was then accepted for medical school at McMaster University in Hamilton and followed up with residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto.  Ankelly has a special interest in Obstetrics and embraces preventive health care as a main focus in her practice.

Apart from her work life, Ankelly is most often involved in music and the arts, including Bollywood (feel free to ask her what this is at anytime).

Dr. Armstrong’s office can be reached at 905-985-2895 extension 5416 

Obstetrical Care
Our obstetrical care team accepts referrals for delivery at The New Life Centre at Lakeridge Health Port Perry.  Transfer of care at 28 weeks unless a prior C/S delivery when we will see patient by 20-24 weeks to ensure adequate time for VTOLAC counselling.
Family Doctors can refer patients using the eReferral platform by Ocean.
More information about Obstetrical Care in Port Perry can be found here.

Online Booking

Dr Armstrong is booking both in-person and telephone visits online at this time.


Use this link to book an appointment for things such as:

  • Regular Appointment/New Issue
  • Follow-up/Chronic Issue
  • Adolescent Checkup (ages 12-18)
  • Infant or Child Checkup (ages 12 and under)
  • Diabetes Checkup
  • Form or Sick note
  • Medication Renewal
  • Pregnancy Checkup or post delivery check

Use this link to book an appointment for things such as:

  • Adult Annual Checkup/Physicals
  • Drivers Physicals
  • Advice/Counselling/Education/Mental Health

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Please Note:

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  • Online appointments are only available with your own family physician.  However, if your doctor is unavailable, our Urgent Care Same-Day clinic is the preferred back up.
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If you feel your symptoms are a medical emergency that need to be dealt with right away then proceed to the emergency room. Examples might include; new chest pain, difficulty breathing, or broken limb.