Building Directory

Medical Associates of Port Perry (MAPP) Building Directory in pdf format here.

Suite 101

Audiology Associates of Port Perry

Suite 102

Durham Pharmacy

Suite 103

Lobby/Perk Up Cafe

Suite 104

Port Perry Medical Supplies
Durham Respiratory Services


Suite 105

Dr. J. Hoey
Dr. F. Nasser-Sharif
Dr. M. Gilmour
Dr. S. Shepherd

Suite 107

Dr. M. Brown
Dr. A. Chiella
Dr. A. Dayal
Dr. P. Dyall
Dr. R. Wray
Dr. P. Puckrin

Suite 108

Flu Shot Clinic (seasonal)

Suite 109

Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic

Suite 110

Physiotherapy Associates of Port Perry

Suite 201

Dr. K. Best
Dr. C. Hadden
Dr. G. Mercer
Dr. E. Russell
Dr. S. Russell
Dr. B. Tse

Suite 202

Dr. M. Adams
Dr. A. Armstrong
Dr. S. Cull
Dr. N. Kazarian
Dr. J. Moran
Dr. C. Westbrook

Suite 203

Dr. K. Ferguson
Dr. A. Gauster
Dr. A. Pawley
Dr. J. Ross

Suite 204

Port Perry Dental Associates

Suite 205

Joanne Broadhurst, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator
Stephanie Green, Mental Health Therapist
Kelsey Hamilton, Dietitian
Jane Ling, Pharmacist
Kara Phinney, Pharmacist
Allan Probert, Chiropodist
Mary Hitchon, Chiropodist
Natasha Remtulla, Nurse Practitioner
Kelsie Jeffery, Nurse Practitioner
Dr. John Stewart, Medical Director
Brittany Parilament, Mental Health Therapist
Jacqueline Kennedy, Health Care Navigator
Bronwen Tuck, Dietitian
Paediatric Clinic
Sexual Health Clinic

Suite 301

Dr. F. Ali
Dr. A. Brown
Dr. S. Hyshka
Dr. M. Stewart (Family Practice)
Dr. J. Tuck

Suite 302

Dr. M. Stewart (Surgical office)
Dr. T. Stryde
Dr. D. Wang

Durham Vein and Laser Centre

Suite B01


Suite B03

Gamma DynaCare Lab

Suite B05

Dr. A. Hackner, Optometrist

Suite B06

Education Room

Suite B07

Port Perry Imaging