The X-Ray Procedure at our Port Perry Clinic – Quick, Safe and Easy

The radiographs are captured digitally, so your physician can have access to the images within minutes of completion of the study. Your images can also be provided to you on a CD, so you can take them to your referring physician or specialist. This is your copy to keep.

X-Ray Preparations

There are no preparations required for general x-ray.

Why Choose our Port Perry X-Ray Clinic?

The Port Perry Imaging Clinic has friendly, courteous and knowledgable staff that are willing to assist you the moment you enter our office. Our Port Perry X-Ray clinic has short wait times and we do offer same day service. Our helpful staff are ready to assist you at any time.


Ultrasounds and X-rays at the Port Perry Imaging include:

  •  X-Rays done on the same day as walk-in or as booked appointment
  • Breast Imaging including Digital Mammograms, Breast Ultrasound and Breast Biopsy
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Echocardiogram (Ultrasound of the heart)

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