About Port Perry Imaging

At Port Perry Imaging Centre, we care about your time…

When the time comes that you need an annual mammogram, ultrasound, an x-ray, a bone mineral density test or an echocardiogram, one of the challenges is trying to schedule these tests into your already busy schedule.

We all know that these medical services are critical to your health and well-being and we want to make this as easy as possible for you.

We understand what is is like to be in your shoes and that it is difficult to accommodate the scheduling of multiple appointments into the demands of your busy professional life.

Our commitment to patients of Port Perry Imaging is that we will see you at the time of your appointment, when you are scheduled and on time.  We have organized the Port Perry Imaging Centre to accomplish this goal all the while providing you with the very best medical service available anywhere.

You are our valued patient and you will receive personal care, on time, so that your experience will be as relaxed, and comfortable as possible.  We look forward to seeing you through these healthful and necessary well-being services.