Online Appointment Booking Pilot Program

Medical Associates of Port Perry is currently running a pilot program which allows existing family patients of a select group of physicians the option to book medical appointments with their physician via a secure online portal.

The following physicians are participating in the pilot project. Please have your health card ready and click on your family doctor’s name to book an appointment online. Follow the instructions on the following link to search for appointment availability with your family doctor.

Dr. F. Ali
Dr. A. Armstrong
Dr. M. Brown
Dr. A. Chiella
Dr. A. Dayal
Dr. P. Dyall
Dr. K. Ferguson
Dr. A. Gauster
Dr. S. Hyshka
Dr. N. Kazarian
Dr. N. MacDonald
Dr. J. Moran
Dr. A. Pawley
Dr. J. Ross
Dr. M. Schurter – Sunderland Office
Dr. S. Shepherd
Dr. J. Tuck
Dr. C. Westbrook
Dr. R. Wray