Stewart, Dr. J.

Dr. Stewart has been in Port Perry with the Medical Associates since 1975. He is now mostly retired but provides a limited number of appointments for hypnosis. He is also Medical Director for the North Durham Family Health Team. He is still involved in education development and facilitation along with some clinical research. He remains as a Director of the Port Perry Hospital Foundation. In addition, and in collaboration with Bette Hodgins, he continues to present the ”Find Peace of Mind” program (an introduction to meditation) as well as presenting workshops such as “The Four Agreements” and an upcoming new workshop on “Forgiveness”. You may also see him presenting the group smoking cessation education evening. In addition to these local activities, he continues to be a Peer Assessor Lead Physician for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and has been an active member of the committee to develop the new handbook of quality improvement standards for assessing Family Physicians in the office setting.

Dr J. Stewart’s office can be reached by calling 905-985-2895 extension 6070