Dayal, Dr. A.

Dr. Amita Dayal is a family physician who started post secondary education at York University in Toronto. She received her BSc degree in Biology then spent 4 years in London, Ontario at the University of Western Ontario at the Faculty of Medicine. After graduating medical school in 2003 she entered the University of Toronto’s Rural Residency program in Family Medicine. She spent the second year of the two year program in Port  Perry and after receiving her certification of Family Medicine decided to start her practice (and her family) here. She and her husband have two children.

Dr Dayal also works in the Port Perry Emergency Department and Urgent Care Clinic. Dr Dayal takes care of her own patients when they are admitted in the Port Perry Hospital and assists the surgeons in the Operating Room periodically. The rest of her time is spent in her family practice clinic at Medical Associates. Part of Dr Dayal’s practice is dedicated to prenatal care, obstetrical care and well baby care. She delivers babies at the New Life Centre and takes part in the Obstetrics call schedule. She is also involved in the teaching program that involves family medicine residents and occasionally medical students.

Dr Dayal’s office can be reached by calling 905-985-2895 extension 5420